George Cash

George Cash


    Minerals in Western Australia - Bedrock of the Economy

    3/05/1995 12:00 AM



    Western Australia's mineral-rich resource sector will help steer the State to greater prosperity over the next few years, according to Mines Minister George Cash.


    Mr Cash was commenting on a report into WA's resources by the Chamber of Mines and Energy.


    He said the study `Minerals in Western Australia - Bedrock of the Economy' emphasised the exciting prospects for the industry as the world emerged from global recession.


    "I support the chamber's view that WA should take heart from the growth of its competitive mining industry," Mr Cash said.


    "Expansion and development in the minerals and petroleum sectors have already made this State and Queensland the national leaders in economic growth.


    "With this strong industry and the solid service sector developed around it, WA is well placed to capitalise on expanding trade opportunities as the major economies of the world emerge from recession.


    "We need policies which will maintain the growth while maximising benefits to the community."


    Mr Cash said the State Government's policies of deregulation, increased competition among service providers and promotion of geological exploration were working well.


    He said the success of these policies were reflected with the State receiving nearly 60 per cent of national exploration expenditure.


    "Exploration remains the backbone of the mining industry, and the returns on our geological survey budget are well documented," Mr Cash said.


    "The Government will be ensuring in the coming State budget that our important exploration efforts are directed to retaining and enhancing our pre-eminent position."


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