George Cash

George Cash


    Call for moratorium on release of exploration licence land being examined

    1/03/1995 12:00 AM



    A call by the Amalgamated Prospectors and Leaseholders' Association for a three-month moratorium on the release of exploration licence land was a proposal already being examined, according to Mines Minister George Cash.


    Mr Cash said that the APLA was on the review group addressing the moratorium issue.


    The Minister was responding to the figures showing that 20 per cent of licences and leases issued in 1993-94 had exemptions from expenditure requirements.


    "This clearly demonstrates that the mining industry is complying with the provisions of the Mining Act," he said.


    Mr Cash said all applications for exemptions were examined by the Department of Minerals and Energy for compliance with the criteria set down in the Act and any person was able to object to an exemption application and have that objection heard in the Warden's Court.


    The aim of the Mining Act was to provide a legislative framework that facilitated exploration for and recovery of mineral resources in the State.


    "Exploration levels, the area of land held under mineral title and the value of mineral production are at an historical high," the Minister said.


    He said these were good indications that the mining industry and legislation were operating effectively, but he recognised the need for an ongoing review in which to provide the best service to all sectors of the mining industry.

    The mining industry liaison committee, which had representation from the prospectors and the exploration and mining sectors, was the proper forum to consider the changes proposed by the Amalgamated Prospectors and Leaseholders' Association.


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