George Cash

George Cash


    Start of production on Goodwyn A gas platform (NW Shelf) welcomed

    6/02/1995 12:00 AM



    Mines Minister George Cash has welcomed the start of production on the Goodwyn A gas platform on the North West Shelf.


    Mr Cash said export revenue from the Goodwyn A, which is operated by Woodside Offshore Petroleum, was initially more than $600 million a year.


    "It is a significant achievement that reinforces Western Australia's role as a major player in the development of mineral and petroleum resources," he said.


    The Minister said production from the $2 billion Goodwyn A would contribute to the supply of natural gas for domestic use and be exported to Japan as part of the 20 year contract for liquefied natural gas (LNG).


    Goodwyn A, located 138 kms north west of Dampier and 23 kms south west of the North Rankin A platform, was the second platform to be installed as part of the North West Shelf Development project.


    Mr Cash said the Goodwyn A platform, which had a projected design life of 30 years, had the capacity to produce 25.4 million cubic metres of gas per day and 80,000 barrels a day of light oil (condensate).


    "In export dollars the Goodwyn A represents a significant boost to WA's economy and it is a credit to the State to attract such large resource projects," he said.


    "It is expected that once the Goodwyn A and the North Rankin A are in full production within two years they will generate over $2.3 billion in export revenue a year."


    The construction of the Goodwyn A was started in May 1990, but commissioning was delayed for 15 months due to technical problems.


    The Minister emphasised that the safety of the 100 workers on the platform was of paramount importance to Woodside.


    He said specialised safety features and management systems had been incorporated into the overall design and operation of the Goodwyn A.  The Department of Minerals and Energy assisted in reviewing and approving the safety system.


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