George Cash

George Cash


    Details of Norseman mining fatality

    2/02/1995 12:00 AM



    The name of the underground mine worker killed after being caught under a rock fall yesterday has been released.


    Alfred Neil Gollup (52) of Norseman, is believed to have died instantly when buried by tonnes of rock while working at Central Norseman Gold's North Royal underground mine site.


    Mr Gollup was operating a scraper 200 metres underground at about midday when the rock fall occurred.  Rescue teams worked for hours to reach the dead man.  His body was recovered at 10 pm last night.


    Although the Norseman accident is the first underground fatality in the Kalgoorlie Inspectorate since November 1993, Mines Minister George Cash expressed disappointment at the number of serious accidents which continued to occur in the mining industry in Western Australia.


    There were seven fatalities in 1993-94, and three since July 1994.


    Mr Cash appealed to mining companies and individual mine workers to increase their efforts to prevent mining accidents.


    "Workers should endeavour to follow the best working practices with due diligence," he said.


    The Minister reminded the industry that the Government, through the Mines Inspectorate, provided a broad and competent service to the mining industry and that inspectors were available to assist and advise on any matters associated with occupational health and safety.


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