George Cash

George Cash


    Work under way on plan for Kemerton Industrial Park

    3/01/1995 12:00 AM



    The future development of the Kemerton Industrial Park, near Bunbury, is of economic and social importance to Western Australia, according to Lands Minister George Cash.


    Mr Cash said work was under way on a structure plan for the 1,200 hectare site which was already home to five major industries - SCM Chemicals (titanium dioxide plant), Simcoa Operations (silicon smelter), CIG (air separation), NuFarm (chlor alkali) and Cockburn Cement (lime).


    The Minister recently announced a $110,000 contract to engineering and planning company BSD Consultants to prepare a conceptual structure plan and engineering study for potential new industry at the site.


    He said improved economic conditions in WA and overseas had led to increased interest in Kemerton and the plan was an important blueprint for future development.


    "There have been a number of significant inquiries and the high level of interest indicates that definitive planning of the next stage of the industrial core should now be undertaken," Mr Cash said.


    "The structure plan and engineering study will provide detailed recommendations on the best ways of achieving optimum development at Kemerton while still allowing maximum subdivision flexibility."


    Mr Cash said LandCorp, in association with the Department of Resources Development and the South West Development Commission, was managing the Kemerton Industrial Park project.


    Their common aim was to provide more employment opportunities outside the Perth metropolitan area, enhance Bunbury's status as a major regional centre and ensure the long term availability of land for industry.


    "The future expansion of Kemerton is an important economic and social boost to the South-West region and the results will have a flow-on effect throughout the State," the Minister said.


    Mr Cash said environmental considerations were key issues in the park's development which included 4000 hectares surrounding the industrial core being reserved for bushland, wetlands, recreation activities and other compatible uses.


    As well as preparing a structure concept plan for Kemerton, the consultants would identify services and infrastructure requirements to meet the needs of industry.


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