George Cash

George Cash


    Dandaragan squatters will have up to six years to remove shacks

    13/01/1995 12:00 AM



    Coastal squatters in the Dandaragan Shire will have up to six years to remove their shacks, following a joint agreement by the Shire and the State Government.


    Lands Minister George Cash said the move brought Dandaragan into line with the three other shires in the region which had already implemented the State Government's policy on removing coastal squatters.


    Mr Cash said there were 670 known shacks in the Dandaragan Shire which were scattered around the settlements at Wedge Island, Grey and Sandy Cape.


    "It is important that a consistent approach be adopted in the region to avoid squatters relocating from other shires into Dandaragan, as this puts enormous pressure on the sensitive coastal areas," he said.


    The Minister said the Government policy on removing squatters' shacks, which was first adopted in 1988, was designed to enable degraded coastal areas to be rehabilitated and recreation facilities provided to ensure all parts of the coast were open to the public.


    The policy was reinforced in the Central Coast Planning Strategy released last year.


    Coorow Shire was the first council to implement the policy in 1988 and the squatters' shacks were removed last year.


    Carnamah Shire adopted the policy in 1993 followed by the Irwin Shire in 1994.


    Mr Cash said the Dandaragan Shire, the Department of Land Administration and the Department of Conservation and Land Management would oversee the implementation of the policy. CALM was involved because some of the shacks were enclaves within national parks and nature reserves.


    An annual lease fee would be levied on existing shack owners and the fees would be applied to the progressive rehabilitation, management and administration of the shack areas.


    Mr Cash said since the squatter policy was introduced, the number of shacks along the central coast had been reduced from 1,280 to about 1,100.


    The Shire and CALM had appointed a project manager to liaise with shack owners to implement the policy and owners could contact the manager on (09) 447 1007.


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