George Cash

George Cash


    Opposition claims about State Budget ill-founded

    7/12/1994 12:00 AM



    The Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council, George Cash, says the 1994-95 State Budget is not at risk.


    Mr Cash said claims by Jim McGinty that the Budget had been rejected as the result of a ruling by the President of the Legislative Council, Clive Griffiths, were wrong and demonstrated the Opposition Leader's poor grasp of financial matters.


    "The president's ruling relates to only two items - a liver transplant unit at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and a coronial counselling service - and calls for their placement in the Appropriation (Consolidated Fund) Bill 1994 to be reconsidered," the Minister said.


    "This is a simple task and the matter can be considered and resolved swiftly by the Legislative Assembly." 


    Mr Cash said this was not the first time this type of situation had arisen - Mr McGinty seemed to have conveniently forgotten that a similar case occurred in 1989 in relation to the Budget of the then Labor Government.


    "The Government will take note of the President's ruling, rather than the ill-informed ranting of Mr McGinty," he said.


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