George Cash

George Cash


    Electronic tenement mapping system proving successful

    23/09/1994 12:00 AM



    The Department of Minerals and Energy's new electronic tenement mapping system is proving an early success with customers in the mining industry.


    Mines Minister George Cash said prospectors and mining companies had already given the TENGRAPH system the thumbs up by using it in preference to the old paper plan system.


    Mr Cash, who officially launched the TENGRAPH system in Kalgoorlie today, said the customers had been kept firmly in mind during the development of the new system.


    "A user-requirements study was undertaken in 1990 before work on this innovative system began," he said.


    "Representatives of the mining industry, mining companies and tenement mangers, as well as departmental employees, were interviewed to determine the key features of the system and to ensure it would meet the customers needs."


    Mr Cash said TENGRAPH had not been based on an off-the-shelf computer package, but had been developed in Western Australia to meet the specific needs of the industry.


    "TENGRAPH is more user friendly than the old paper plan system it replaces," Mr Cash said.


    "It provides information in a way that is easy to understand without the need to sift through all the fine lines on the paper plan to see the boundaries of mining tenements and other land tenure.


    "The system also improves the Department's tenement processing efficiency significantly and has applications beyond Western Australia's resource industries."


    Mr Cash said the system went `live' on August 9 at Kalgoorlie and Perth.  The early evidence from Kalgoorlie was that customers preferred to use the new computer system rather than the old paper plan.


    TENGRAPH will come on-line at the Coolgardie office in November and will be extended to Leonora by next April.


    Mr Cash said an additional $1million had been allocated in this year's State Budget to accelerate the introduction of the system.


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