Kim Chance

Kim Chance

Minister for Agriculture and Food; Forestry; the Mid West and Wheatbelt; Great Southern

    Perth hosts International Lupin Conference

    14/09/2008 12:00 AM

    Agriculture and Food Minister Kim Chance will today open the 12th International Lupin Conference, showcasing lupin research, expertise and products from around the world.


    Western Australia is the world’s biggest producer of lupins and this is the second time the State has hosted the conference.


    Mr Chance said the event aimed to encourage international co-operation and promote all aspects of lupin research.


    “The conference theme ‘Lupins for Health and Wealth’ will examine innovative ways lupins can underpin profitable and sustainable agricultural systems, and to advance their potential to play a larger role in animal and human nutrition and wellbeing,” he said.


    “The technical sessions, which will include presentations from Department of Agriculture and Food researchers, will cover the areas of farming systems, genetic improvement and biodiversity, products and markets, and health benefits.” 


    The Minister said he was keen to learn about the latest prospects for greater utilisation of lupin in human food. 


    “This is an area that has appeared to offer great prospects, however only a small proportion of the global lupin production is going into commercial food products,” he said.


    “It is important that we have a clear understanding of market perceptions for lupin foods and ingredients, and define any obstacles.”


    Mr Chance said weed control would be a major agronomic topic.


    “There will be discussions on the future role of lupins in farming systems against the backdrop of dramatically increasing inputs costs, particularly nitrogen fertiliser, and on potential new approaches to manage weeds and diseases,” he said.


    Conference delegates from 18 countries include researchers, growers, marketers, stock-feeders, and food industry and health professionals. 


    The conference runs from September 14 to 18 at the Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle.  

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