Sheila McHale

Sheila McHale

Minister for Disability Services; Tourism; Culture and the Arts; Consumer Protection

    What’s that Skip? Skippy the Bush Kangaroo returns to television

    31/07/2008 12:00 AM

    Skippy the Bush Kangaroo is set to hop back on to the small screen in a new documentary supported by the State Government.


    ‘Skippy: Australia’s First Superstar’ will tell the inside story of the remarkable television series which starred an iconic crime-fighting kangaroo and her human friends.


    Culture and Arts Minister Sheila McHale said it was the first documentary to receive State funding under the new ScreenWest/ABC Matched Primetime Production Fund.


    “Skippy was arguably Australia’s first home grown international superstar who became the emblem of a nation for children the world over,” Ms McHale said.


    “The 91-episode series, produced between 1966 and 1968, was screened in more than 80 countries and its catchy theme song became one of the best known and most recognisable Australian tunes.


    “This behind-the-scenes documentary is sure to rekindle childhood memories for many Western Australians.” 


    The Minister said the production was the first documentary to take advantage of the new $3.2million fund, which is part of the Carpenter Government’s Ignite Package, the biggest single State Government arts funding injection.


    The ScreenWest/ABC Matched Primetime Production Fund aims to provide funding to generate significant independent primetime drama and documentary production in WA.


    “‘Skippy: Australia’s First Superstar’ joins the feature film version of famed Broome musical Bran Nue Dae, which was the first WA drama to receive support under the matched funding scheme,” Ms McHale said.


    The project, which will go into production subject to formal commissioning by the ABC Board and further financing from federal funding agency Screen Australia, has already secured a major sale from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). 


    ‘Skippy: Australia’s First Superstar’ will be produced by high profile WA production company Electric Pictures who recently created the groundbreaking documentaries The Hunt for HMAS Sydney and Gallipoli’s Submarine.


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