John Kobelke

John Kobelke

Minister for Police and Emergency Services; Community Safety; Water Resources; Sport and Recreation

    Water win for Moonyoonooka and the community

    28/07/2008 12:00 AM

    A community project using wastewater from the Geraldton Meat Works to irrigate a Moonyoonooka recreational facility was launched by Sport and Recreation Minister John Kobelke today.


    The Moonyoonooka Recycled Water Project is a joint project funded by a Department of Sport and Recreation Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund grant, the City of Geraldton-Greenough and the Moonyoonooka Polocrosse Club.


    Mr Kobelke said the project, irrigating seven polocrosse playing fields, was an example of a community looking outside the square to address climate change issues.


    “At a time when the world is facing environment problems and water shortages, I doubt there is a more relevant community project than the recycling of water for a recreational facility,” he said.


    The Minister said recycling the water was no easy task and the community had to work together to overcome a complex and difficult series of problems.


    “We have had the City of Geraldton -Greenough, the Geraldton Meatworks, the Moonyoonooka Polocrosse Club and the Moonyoonooka Ground Management Committee combining with the State Government’s Department of Environmental Protection, Water Corporation and the Department of Sport and Recreation to solve what many would have seen as an insurmountable problem,” he said.


    “A sporting facility such as this needed to look outside the square when you consider it has seven polocrosse fields badly needing summer water with no bore water and too far out of town to receive scheme water at an affordable cost.


    “The result has been a double bonus, economically well-watered fields using wastewater that in industries like meat production can be an environmental problem.”


    Geraldton MLA Shane Hill praised the club for their initiative and commitment in ensuring the project was developed.


    “Polocrosse is a popular sport in this area and it’s about to become even more so, as these well-watered playing fields mean the club will now be able to host some great State-wide and even national events, without the playing fields turning into dust bowls in summer,” Mr Hill said.


    “The role played by Geraldton Meat Works also deserves a special mention because without the support of the company and staff, such a ground-breaking project as this would not have passed first base.”

    Mr Kobelke also opened the new Woorree Community Centre during his visit to the Geraldton-Greenough region this week.


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