Alan Carpenter

Alan Carpenter

Premier; Minister for Federal-State Relations; Trade; Innovation; Science; Public Sector Management

    WA welcomes new Cosmology Gallery

    16/07/2008 12:00 AM

    Premier and Science and Innovation Minister Alan Carpenter today opened the Cosmology Gallery at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin, which now houses Australia’s largest projection dome.


    Mr Carpenter said the Gravity Discovery Centre was yet another contributor to helping the State achieve its strong science and innovation vision.


    The Premier said the State Government had provided $350,000 over the next two years to support the operations at the Gravity Discovery Centre to help ensure that science and innovation continued to have a bright future in WA.


    “Not only will the gallery be a useful centre for teachers to help them invigorate their programs but it will be important in capturing the interest of the younger generation in science,” he said. 


    “They are our future scientists, leaders and innovators.


    “The State Government is trying to harness the incredible talent we have in our State, and we will continue to build on our reputation and skills across science and innovation.


    “I congratulate the Gravity Discovery Centre on this exciting addition to its facilities.”


    As well as the projection dome, the Cosmology Gallery will also incorporate a purpose-built limestone gallery and exhibition centre.


    It will use art and science to explore the scientific story of the creation of the universe, the stars and Earth, juxtaposed with Dreamtime, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim creation stories.


    “The Gravity Discovery Centre provides a unique facility where the community can interact and experiment with the physical and metaphysical aspects of the universe,” Mr  Carpenter said.


    “By telling the creation story through different cultural and religious perspectives, as well as explaining the story from a scientific viewpoint, the Cosmology Gallery is a unique addition to the facilities at the centre.”


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