Alannah MacTiernan

Alannah MacTiernan

Minister for Planning and Infrastructure

    Public urged to comment on planning guidelines for prostitution

    24/07/2008 12:00 AM

    Community members, local authorities and other interested organisations have until Friday, August 15 to comment on new draft planning guidelines that, for the first time, enable local government and communities to control the location of brothels.


    Planning and Infrastructure Minister Alannah MacTiernan urged interested people to comment, before the new guidelines were finalised.


    “Under our proposal, any business that provides sexual services will require planning approval from the relevant local government,” Ms MacTiernan said.


    “Brothels, being sexual service businesses requiring a certificate, will be prohibited in residential areas or mixed residential/commercial areas.”


    One or two-person, owner-operated businesses can only proceed if approved by the relevant local government.


    “Business that operate without planning approval could face fines of up to $50,000 and additional daily penalties of $5,000 each day.


    “While sexual services businesses will be permitted in industrial areas, local governments can make decisions on the appropriateness of the specific location.


    “Issues such as compatibility with other businesses and activities in the area, proximity to residences, schools and pedestrian thoroughfares and the provision for parking and lighting are to be taken into account as part of the approval process.


    “Any application to establish a brothel must be advertised for public comment, before it is determined.”


    The Minster said that copies of the draft guidelines were available at


    Comments on the draft policy should be sent before close of business on Friday, August 15  to:  The Secretary, Western Australian Planning Commission, Albert Facey House, 469 Wellington Street, Perth WA 6000 or by email to The quoting reference is 151/1/1/29P2V2.


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