Ljiljanna Ravlich

Ljiljanna Ravlich

Minister for Local Government; Racing and Gaming; Multicultural Interests and Citizenship; Government Enterprises; Minister Assisting the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure; Goldfields-Esperance; Youth

    Perth Royal Show 2008 on track

    10/07/2008 12:00 AM

    Local Government Minister Ljiljanna Ravlich has assured Claremont Showgrounds exhibitors and traders that they will be able to operate as they have in the past, without being charged licence fees.


    Ms Ravlich said she would introduce a new regulation under the Local Government Act to allow Claremont Showgrounds traders to continue their business as usual, without any additional financial burden. The regulation would be in place before the show opened on September 27. 


    However, businesses selling food would continue to be regulated under the Health Act and would not be exempted under the new regulation.


    “While I acknowledge that the town and the Royal Agricultural Society have been working towards resolving this issue, it is important to provide certainty to traders as they prepare for this year’s Perth Royal Show,” the Minister said


    “The Perth Royal Show is one of the most notable and long-established community events held at Claremont Showgrounds, and it is important that we protect this tradition.”


    Last year, Ms Ravlich brokered an agreement between the Town of Claremont and the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) that ensured traders at the Claremont Showgrounds would not be charged licence fees.


    The agreement saw an exemption from the town’s Trading in Public Places Local Law extended through the lead-up and preparation period for the 2007 Perth Royal Show and other events.


    The Minister said the new regulation would enshrine the spirit of the agreement between the two parties and provide certainty going forward.

    ”The Perth Royal Show is a recognised State icon that has brought the country to the city for generations of Western Australians,” she said.


    “The Claremont Showgrounds is also home to a broad range of popular community events and I am pleased it will continue to operate without any additional financial burden to its users.”


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