Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Minister for Education and Training; South West

    Minister opens new $8.69million Waikiki Primary School

    25/07/2008 12:00 AM

    Education and Training Minister Mark McGowan today officially opened the new $8.69million Waikiki Primary School.


    Mr McGowan said the new school, which started operating in February 2008, provided a modern and dynamic learning environment, with a full complement of sporting and ICT facilities.


    “The school provides space for 480 students and is a vast improvement from the ‘school in houses’ concept which had been operating since 2002,” he said.


    “Since it started accepting students earlier this year, Waikiki Primary School has installed two interactive smart boards and began a support a reader program for parents, a positive parenting program and a breakfast club which runs every Tuesday.”


    The school has purpose-built art and music rooms and a range of sporting facilities, including access to a full-size oval, cricket pitch and nets and basketball and netball courts.


    “Play is such an important part of a child’s development and to encourage this, the new Waikiki Primary School has three sets of playground equipment designed to suit different age groups,” the Minister said.


    He said the new school was designed by architects Oldfield Knott and built by SJ Higgins Pty Ltd.


    Mr McGowan also acknowledged developers Harrington Waters Partnership had provided the original 'school in houses' accommodation and assisted with the timely construction of road infrastructure and grassed parkland for the opening of the new school and contributed to sporting facilities including the cricket pitch and goal posts.


    Peel MLA Paul Papalia said it had been remarkable to witness the speed at which the school progressed from a Greenfield site early last year to a fully functioning school at the beginning of this year.


    “The school has retained the positive and supportive environment inherited from the former school in the houses,” Mr Papalia said.


    The school also has 13 classrooms, including one for education support, a library resource centre, covered assembly area and an administration area including a staff room and conference room.


    Mr Papalia said Waikiki Primary School was the 61st school to be opened by the State Government since 2001.


    “The Carpenter Government is spending $1.41billion on school infrastructure projects across Western Australia,” he said.


    “We are spending $1.11billion on new schools and upgrades to existing schools and a further $300million on school maintenance.”


    Minister's office: 9222 9111