Alannah MacTiernan

Alannah MacTiernan

Minister for Planning and Infrastructure

    Minister approves Perry Lakes Redevelopment Plan

    19/07/2008 12:00 AM

    The final vision for the redevelopment of the Perry Lakes precinct, as a hub of housing diversity in the western suburbs, has been signed off by the State Government.


    Planning and Infrastructure Minister Alannah MacTiernan said the plan provided the broad framework for the residential redevelopment of the old Perry Lakes Stadium site and surrounds.


    “This site will accommodate up to 600 dwellings, ranging from town houses to small apartments in five storey developments,” Ms MacTiernan said.


    “Perry Lakes Stadium has been an important part of Western Australian history and a major element of the redevelopment will be the incorporation of the history of the site into the landscape. The stadium scoreboard, for example, will be included as an architectural feature.


    “The redevelopment area will incorporate 15.7 per cent public open space, significantly above the normal requirement of 10 per cent. This will allow many of the existing trees to be retained.”


    The Minister said the redevelopment plan balanced community comment, the requirements of the ‘Perry Lakes Redevelopment Act 2005’ and State Government planning policy and strategy, particularly ‘Liveable Neighbourhoods’ and ‘Network City’.


    “The State Government will now work closely with the Town of Cambridge to begin the detailed area planning phase for the 15.6ha Perry Lakes site,” she said.


    Ms MacTiernan said the Perry Lakes redevelopment would include many recycling and efficiency initiatives, as well as improvements to the edge of the adjacent Eastern Lake.


    “Materials from the demolition of the stadium will be recycled wherever possible.  For example, the timber seating will be used in public walkways and artwork, while bricks from the original buildings will be crushed and used as road base in the redevelopment,” she said.


    The Perry Lakes Redevelopment Plan also includes landscape and revegetation works to improve the condition of the eastern edge of the east lake. The community will be able to enjoy greater access via raised walkways.  


    The two stage residential redevelopment of Perry Lakes is scheduled to commence early in 2009, with the demolition of the rugby training facilities, revegetation of the eastern lake edge, the removal of seating in the athletics stadium and the commencement of initial earthworks.


    Stage Two is expected to commence in early 2010, with the demolition of the athletics grandstand and associated facilities and buildings.

    First land sales are expected in the first half of 2010.


    The State Government manages the Perry Lakes Redevelopment on behalf of the Town of Cambridge, with a minimum of $50million from the proceeds of the redevelopment to be returned to the Town of Cambridge for the benefit of all ratepayers.


    Replacement state-of-the-art athletics, basketball and rugby facilities are being constructed by the Department of Sport and Recreation at the nearby AK Reserve.


    The approved Perry Lakes Redevelopment Plan can be viewed at the Town of Cambridge council offices and public library, or at  


    Further enquiries can be made to the Perry Lakes project information line on 1300 730 435.


    Minister's office -  9213 6400