Sheila McHale

Sheila McHale

Minister for Disability Services; Tourism; Culture and the Arts; Consumer Protection

    FuelWatch saves WA motorists dollars

    16/07/2008 12:00 AM

    Consumer Protection Minister Sheila McHale has branded the latest attacks on Western Australia’s FuelWatch system as misplaced and purely politically driven.


    Ms McHale said FuelWatch data showed that Perth motorists generally had the lowest retail prices in the nation since 2004.


    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s comprehensive six-month review independently analysed this assessment and found that WA motorists were saving close to two cents per litre (cpl) at the bowsers.


    The Minister said information provided to the Senate Economics Committee hearing today showed Perth petrol prices in June were between two and four cents per litre cheaper than in the Eastern States.


    “WA motorists have been able to benefit from petrol price transparency and certainty in the fuel marketplace during FuelWatch’s seven-year history,” Ms McHale said.


    “The real power of FuelWatch is that it enables consumers to take advantage of the transparent price differences at the bowsers.


    “This means that motorists can save up to 18 cents per litre today by going to the cheapest petrol stations.”


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