Alannah MacTiernan

Alannah MacTiernan

Minister for Planning and Infrastructure

    Brendan Hammond appointed to chair Dampier Port Authority

    1/07/2008 12:00 AM

    Horizon Power chairman Brendan Hammond has been appointed chairman of the Dampier Port Authority (DPA).


    Planning and Infrastructure Minister Alannah MacTiernan said Mr Hammond would bring substantial experience and achievement in the resources and public sector to the position.


    “Most of Mr Hammond’s career has been spent in the mining sector, and included the successful restructuring of the Argyle Diamond mine’s operation, to include a much greater level of local involvement and substantially prolong the mine’s life,” Ms MacTiernan said.


    “Mr Hammond chairs Horizon Power and we can see considerable synergies arising from his appointment to the port authority, as work continues on the development of the North-West interconnected grid.


    “He currently advises the Government as the Development Approvals Coordinator, on how to improve and accelerate processes for consideration of major development projects.


    “Mr Hammond has a strong involvement in community and indigenous activities as a board member of the WA Community Foundation and organisations involved with indigenous arts, health and learning.”


    The Minister thanked outgoing DPA chair Peter West, who has been appointed to chair the Albany Port Authority.


    “Under Mr West’s chairmanship, Dampier Port’s exports grew from 82.7 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) in 2002, to 126.1 mtpa last year; and more than $86.6million was invested in expanding the port’s capacity,” Ms MacTiernan said


    “Dampier is also the current Australian Port of the Year, another testament to Mr West’s tenure at the DPA.”


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