Alannah MacTiernan

Alannah MacTiernan

Minister for Planning and Infrastructure

    The Northbridge Link set to reinvigorate inner city

    27/06/2008 12:00 AM

    The State Government’s vision for reconnecting Perth with Northbridge and creating a more innovative and exciting city were unveiled today with the release of The Link Masterplan, with site works to start at the end of this year.


    Planning and Infrastructure Minister Alannah MacTiernan said The Link Masterplan was the culmination of more than three years of planning, research, collaborative design and consultation, and finesses the draft Masterplan released last year.


    “Feedback from peer reviews and the community has helped to lift the vision for The Link and create a plan that responds to our city and its people,” Ms MacTiernan said.


    Plans for the 13.5ha site (bounded by the Horseshoe Bridge, Mitchell Freeway and Wellington and Roe Streets) incorporate an estimated 1,650 new dwellings, of which 250 will be affordable housing, for more than 3,000 residents; about 220,000sq.m of office space and 24,000sq.m of retail floor space for an estimated 11,000 working population; a 14,000 seat indoor entertainment and sports arena; and 4.25ha of public domain areas (32 per cent of the project area).


    Key improvements include:


    ·        increasing the amount of public space throughout the project;

    ·        making Roe Street more pedestrian-focused through the creation of a broad landscaped boulevard;

    ·        creating larger urban public plazas throughout the development, such as Kings Square; and

    ·        providing greater connectivity through the project area and also with greater Perth through street design.


    “The result is a more innovative, progressive destination bringing together shops, offices, a hotel, apartments, parks and gardens, cultural venues, restaurants and bars, centred on accessible public transport,” the Minister said.


    “The cornerstone of The Link is the sinking of the Perth-to-Fremantle rail line to Lake Street and the undergrounding of the Wellington Street Bus Station.


    “This frees up land to create an accessible and connected new precinct of urban life brimming with people and activity. 


    “Sustainability has also been a key consideration in the plan, with The Link Masterplan providing a framework to achieve positive social, economic and environmental outcomes, from reducing energy use, water consumption and vehicular reliance to improving affordability, diversity and safety.”


    The project will embrace the city’s unique lifestyle and character while reflecting its 21st century aspirations.  It will create strong linkages to the foreshore and deliver an intensity of people and activity into the city.


    The Link plan includes:

    ·        development of the Perth Arena, a world-class indoor entertainment and sports stadium;

    ·        undergrounding the Perth-to-Fremantle railway to Lake Street (along with the already lowered northern suburbs line);

    ·        development of a new state-of-the art underground bus station to replace the Wellington Street Bus Station;

    ·        creating new connections for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists;

    ·        integrating The Link into the city centre while providing a point of difference;

    ·        attracting workers and residents to the area to support the economic sustainability of a variety of commercial, retail and entertainment enterprises;

    ·        supporting efficient resource use by providing the opportunity for people to live close to employment, daily needs, social facilities and leisure activities;

    ·        ensuring the highest levels of innovation and quality in public realm and architectural design;

    ·        ensuring The Link has effective management of public areas to contribute to Perth as a vital and enjoyable location; and

    ·        providing a diversity of dwelling types and sizes, and 15 per cent affordable dwellings.


    The release of The Link Masterplan coincides with the signing of an Implementation Deed by the State Government and the City of Perth to formalise project commitments.


    Ms MacTiernan said the East Perth Redevelopment Authority (EPRA) would now amend its planning scheme to incorporate The Link Masterplan.


    The State Government had committed $9million for the first two stages of the project. The first site works would commence at the end of this year, with the first site expected to be sold in 2009.  The first site was expected to be sold and has been designated as a hotel site.


    The project will take 15 to 20 years to complete and will be delivered in partnership with the State Government (through EPRA and the Public Transport Authority), City of Perth, private land owners and developers.


    To learn more about The Link, visit the project website at or call EPRA’s Community Information line on 1800 639 726.


    Minister's office -  9213 6400