John Kobelke

John Kobelke

Minister for Police and Emergency Services; Community Safety; Water Resources; Sport and Recreation

    Recycled Water Strategy released to secure WA’s water future

    18/06/2008 12:00 AM

    The State Government has released a bold new plan for using recycled water as an alternative water source to secure Western Australia’s supply into the future.


    Water Resources Minister John Kobelke today launched the $3million State Water Recycling Strategy, which examines how recycled water can be more efficiently utilised in a period of declining rainfall and a drying climate.


    “This State Water Recycling Strategy is the first step towards the co-ordinated, safe and efficient use of recycled water in WA,” Mr Kobelke said.


    “The strategy outlines initiatives to achieve the State’s target of recycling 30 per cent of wastewater by 2030, in a manner that is sustainable and supported by the community.


    “In the average household, around 47 per cent of water use occurs outside the home, approximately 14 per cent is used in the laundry and 12 per cent is used in the toilet.


    “This means that potentially 73 per cent of household water use in the average household may not require treatment to drinking water standard.


    “The supply of non-drinking water for some domestic uses is therefore a possible alternative to the supply of only drinking water from the scheme.


    “With the right management, safeguards and planning, recycled water has the potential to be a significant resource that is climate independent.


    “Work needs to be done now to ensure this resource is well understood and used to its full potential for Western Australia’s water future.”


    The Minister said some forms of water recycling were already underway, particularly in regional areas where recycled water was being used to irrigate sporting ovals.


    “The State Government has also built a water recycling plant so that industry in Kwinana can re-use household waste water instead of drinking water,” he said.


    “However, there are many other options to consider, and this strategy sets out to define the role different forms of recycled water can play in WA.


    “Recycling will not be the only solution to Perth’s water needs.  It is one in a range of initiatives we need to explore to create a sustainable future for the generations to come.


    “The State Water Recycling Strategy shows a commitment to sustainable water resource management and a commitment to act now, to invest in a secure water future for Western Australia.”


    For a copy of the strategy overview document, visit or telephone 1800 508 885.


    Minister's office- 9222 9211