Francis Logan

Francis Logan

Minister for Energy; Resources; Industry and Enterprise

    Power station to be made ready for service

    11/06/2008 12:00 AM

    A Collie power station that was decommissioned last year is to be made ready for service in response to the current gas shortage.


    Energy Minister Francis Logan today instructed Verve Energy to prepare the coal-fired Muja AB power station for a return to possible service, as a back-up for Western Australia’s electricity supply.


    Mr Logan said the move would allow Verve Energy to use more coal to generate electricity, allowing gas to be on-passed to generators and industries that needed it.


    Three of Muja AB’s units would be recommissioned. The fourth unit was not considered operable and would be used for spare parts.


    The Minister said the first 60MW unit would take six weeks to be operational, with the restoration process expected to cost $1.3million.


    He said it would enable 25 terajoules of gas to become available each day.


    The second and third units would be available two or three weeks later.


    “It is not an easy process to bring decommissioned power stations back into service,” he said.


    “Verve Energy needs to follow an ordered and measured approach to ensure these units are reliable.


    “These units are old and not as environmentally friendly as new generators. However, the State is facing a significant gas shortage and we need to look at all avenues.


    “Muja AB is still licensed to operate, but I have asked Verve Energy to try and burn as much biomass as possible and this may need a licence variation. The Department of Environment and Conservation will be kept informed about this matter.”


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