Eric Ripper

Eric Ripper

Deputy Premier; Treasurer; Minister for State Development

    Police numbers receive a further boost

    6/06/2008 12:00 AM

    The latest recruits to the WA Police frontline graduated from the WA Police Academy today.


    Deputy Premier Eric Ripper congratulated the 64 new police officers on the completion of their training course and thanked them for their commitment to serving Western Australia.


    The 44 men and 20 women who have joined WA Police include officers from the United Kingdom, South Africa, the Netherlands and New Zealand.


    Mr Ripper said the recruitment of new police officers would make more police available for frontline policing duties, which would help to deter crime and safeguard the community.


    “The State Government is extremely proud of our police officers,” he said.


    “The police continue to do an excellent job and as a Government we will continue to support our hard-working officers.


    “We are on track to provide 600 extra police, above attrition, in our two terms of Government and have employed 160 civilian staff, which is helping to enable more than 400 police to return to the frontline.”


    The Deputy Premier said the Government was committed to improving the WA police service by providing officers with the resources they needed to do their job.


    “The State Government’s expenditure on police per capita is 18 per cent higher than the average of other mainland States,” he said.


    “Part of the continual improvement of our police service is to provide officers with the support which every worker in WA has a right to expect.


    “We have also protected officers with tougher penalties against those who assault police.


    “In addition, we have given officers stronger support with the introduction of occupational health and safety coverage and in another first, we are introducing post-separation medical benefits, ensuring officers’ medical costs for work-related matters are met when they retire from WA Police.


    “The new officers will have an important role in helping to make WA a better and safer place to live and on behalf of the community, I thank them for stepping forward and taking on this challenging role.”


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