Jim McGinty

Jim McGinty

Attorney General; Minister for Health; Electoral Affairs

    New hospital accommodation for Mid-West patients

    30/06/2008 12:00 AM

    Work has started on a new accommodation facility for Mid-West patients who need to stay in Geraldton for medical treatment.


    Health Minister Jim McGinty congratulated the efforts of the Geraldton District Health Advisory Council, which developed the concept for the Geraldton Medi Hotel.


    “The advisory council identified the need for accommodation for people who need to stay in Geraldton for medical reasons but who do not need to stay in hospital,” Mr McGinty said.


    “The Geraldton Medi Hotel demonstrates the value of a direct community voice in planning local health services.


    “The $295,000 development will convert a section of the former adult day centre into three, one-bedroom units each with a private lounge, kitchenette, bathroom and laundry.


    “The Medi Hotel will be particularly useful for expectant mothers from remote towns who need to be close to the hospital after week 36 of their pregnancy.


    “Currently, women have to travel to Perth because of a lack of appropriate accommodation in Geraldton; with the Medi Hotel, they can stay closer to family and friends.


    “The units could also be used by patients recovering from surgery, who do not need a hospital bed but who do not have a suitable carer in Geraldton, helping to relieve pressure on acute care beds in the hospital.”


    Geraldton MLA Shane Hill said he was pleased the community was being consulted on health services in the region.


    “The Geraldton Medi Hotel is a practical response to a community need and as a result, many patients will be able to get the medical treatment they need right here in the Mid-West,” Mr Hill said.


    Geraldton District Health Advisory Council chairperson Terry Brennan said the group had been established for five years.


    Geraldton District Health Advisory Committee provides the community with a forum where it can have direct input into the planning of our local health services,” Mr Brennan said.


    It is expected that the Geraldton Medi Hotel will be completed by late September.


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