Eric Ripper

Eric Ripper

Deputy Premier; Treasurer; Minister for State Development

    State Budget 2008-09: Building WA - South-West to benefit from huge capital works program

    8/05/2008 12:00 AM

    Regional Western Australia is driving both the State and ultimately national economies and the Carpenter Government is well aware of this phenomenal contribution, Treasurer Eric Ripper said today.


    Mr Ripper said the Government would spend more than twice as much per capita on regional infrastructure as it did in the metropolitan area in the 2008-09 Budget.


    “In 2008-09, capital works spending per capita in the metropolitan region will be $1,459 per person,” he said.


    “But across regional WA the Government will spend $3,296 per person - that is $1,837 or 126 per cent per person more.”


    The Treasurer said the Government would commit a record $26.1 billion on capital works across the State over the next four years, with $7.6billion to be spent this financial year.


    “This is our eighth consecutive balanced Budget and the Government will return every single cent of the surplus to build infrastructure and therefore reduce the amount we need to borrow for this program,” he said.


    State-wide, the Government was committing heavily to health care, education, law and order, child protection and disability services.


    Overall the Government would spend:

    ·         $4.5billion for health care, an increase of 5.8 per cent with 22.7 per cent more for mental health;

    ·         $3.6billion for education and training - up 3.9 per cent;

    ·         $2billion for law and order and community safety - up $135million;

    ·         $388million for disability services - almost double the amount spent in 2000‑01;

    ·         $349million for child protection - up 16.5 per cent; and

    ·         $1.2billion on tax relief - with a 15 per cent cut to stamp duty on the median‑priced home, saving the homebuyer about $3,000.


    Mr Ripper said capital works in the South-West region had been allocated more than $515million in the Budget.


    He said water supplies and infrastructure were a key priority, with more than $348million budgeted including:

    ·         $164.2million for the State’s second desalination plant;

    ·         $21million for upgrades to Stirling Dam;

    ·         $20.7million for remedial works to Wellington Dam;

    ·         $15.6million to continue work on the Nannup Bore Transfer Main;

    ·         $15million for the Collie-Wellington salinity diversion, to reduce the salinity of the Wellington Dam;

    ·         $15million to continue work on the Bridgetown Regional Water Supply Scheme;

    ·         $15million for Collie River salinity recovery;

    ·         $10.1million for amplification works at the Bunbury Waste Water Treatment Plant;

    ·         $7million for the new Millstream Dam in Bridgetown;

    ·         $6.7million for stage one of the Picton Water Treatment Plant;

    ·         $6.2million to develop a new water source in Quinninup;

    ·         $5.9million for a range of water and wastewater projects in Australind;

    ·         $4.3million for upgrades to the source and the water treatment plant capacity at Dalyellup;

    ·         $4.2million for infill sewerage works at Manjimup;

    ·         $4million for flood protection works at Busselton;

    ·         $3million for work on the Bridgetown Regional Water Supply Scheme Water Treatment Plant;

    ·         $2.6million for contingency works on the Walpole Town Water Supply and the Water Treatment Plant;

    ·         $2.3million for upgrades to the Donnybrook Waste Water Treatment Plant;

    ·         $1.7million for infill sewerage works at Donnybrook;

    ·         $1.6million for infill sewerage works at Nannup;

    ·         $1.4million to improve the SCADA Network to monitor water supply at Australind, Eaton and Brunswick;

    ·         $1.3million for new water supply at Yarloop;

    ·         $1.2million for a new bore at the Australind Water Treatment Plant;

    ·         $1.1million to complete work on the Nannup Bore as part of the Bridgetown Regional Water Supply Scheme;

    ·         $1.1million for a new bore for the Capel Town Water Supply;

    ·         $1.1million for stage two amplification works to the Busselton Waste Water Treatment Plant;

    ·         $752,000 for improvements to the tank and water quality at Augusta;

    ·         $685,000 to complete the 1000kl ground tank at Boyup Brook;

    ·         $676,000 for stage one of the Capel Waste Water Treatment Plant;

    ·         $350,000 for upgrades to the Dunsborough Waste Water Treatment Plant;

    ·         $340,000 for water quality improvements at Boyup Brook;

    ·         $320,000 to upgrade source capacity at the Manjimup Town Water Supply;

    ·         $304,000 to increase capacity at the Australind Water Treatment Plant;

    ·         $270,000 for work on stage two of the Dunsborough Water Source and Waste Water Treatment Plant;

    ·         $251,000 for disposal upgrades at the Walpole Waste Water Treatment Plant;

    ·         $250,000 to commence works on a new water source in Walpole;

    ·         $206,000 for infill sewerage works in Bunbury;

    ·         $200,000 for remedial works at Quinninup Dam;

    ·         $185,000 for work infill sewerage works at Boyup Brook; and

    ·         $150,000 to commence construction of a new production bore at Donnybrook.


    The South-West region’s energy production and transmission infrastructure received a boost of nearly $121million with:

    ·         $24million to complete work on the second line between Busselton and

    Margaret River (total project cost $26.575million);

    ·         $24million to complete work on the Margaret River substation transmission line and transformer (total project cost $26.549 million);

    ·         $7million for the connection works at Bluewaters;

    ·         $5.5million  for the development of new renewable energy sources in the region (as part of a $50million State-wide investment in renewable sources);

    ·         $2.1million for the installation of transformers at the Busselton Sub-station;

    ·         $75,000 for works on the Worsley Gas Turbine;

    ·         $60,000 for works at the Collie Power Station; and

    ·         $57,982 for ongoing works at the Muja Power Station.


    The Treasurer also said the Budget included $169million over five years for a new 330kV transmission line from Collie to Perth and $180million would be spent over five years to connect Grange Resources’ iron ore mine at Southdown in Albany to the State’s power grid.


    Road and sea transport infrastructure are also a priority, with funding of more than  $47million including:

    ·         $22million for continued works to stage one of the Bunbury Port Access Road;

    ·         $4.3million for minor works at the Bunbury port;

    ·         $4million to complete the reconstruction of Muirs Highway from Nyamup to Strachan;

    ·         $2.6million to continue construction and sealing of Mowen Road from Rosa Brook Road to Nannup;

    ·         $2.3million for upgrades to the intersection of the Bussell Highway and Caves Road;

    ·         $2.3million for container facilities at the port;

    ·         $1.6million to construct passing lanes and improve intersections along the Bussell Highway from Vasse to Margaret River;

    ·         $1.5million to continue construction and sealing works on the Old Coast Road from Australind to Eaton (includes the bridge);

    ·         $550,000 for the service jetty and pens at the Casuarina Boat Harbour

    ·         $500,000 for noise management works on the bund wall on the Inner Harbour; and

    ·         $277,000 to complete formation improvements and gravel on the Mileyannup Coast Road.


    The South-West region’s education and training facilities received funding of nearly $29million with:

    ·         $10.5million to complete the Manea Senior College in Bunbury (total project cost $27.5million);

    ·         $10.3million to complete the Kingston Primary School in Australind (total project cost $12.2million).

    ·         $3.4million toward the additions and improvements to the Newton Moore Senior High School;

    ·         $2.7million to complete the Dalyellup College (total project cost $26.3 million);

    ·         $1million to complete the Cape Naturaliste College (total project cost $20.541million); and

    ·         $992,000 to complete works on the Building and Construction Workshop extensions at the South West Regional TAFE.


    Health services and facilities in the South-West received:

    ·         $9.3million for continued works on the new Busselton Integrated District Health Service located in Vasse New Town;

    ·         $800,000 for the new radiotherapy facility at the South West Health Campus;

    ·         $630,000 to continue the redevelopment of the Harvey Hospital;

    ·         $300,000 for the Intensive Care Unit at the South West Health Campus;

    ·         $43,000 to complete the replacement dental clinic in Bunbury; and

    ·         $43,000 to complete the Mental Health Clinic at the South West Health Campus.


    Law, order and community safety in the South-West region was allocated $559,000 for additions and upgrades to the Bunbury Regional Prison and $200,000 to complete the Harvey Police Station.


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