Eric Ripper

Eric Ripper

Deputy Premier; Treasurer; Minister for State Development

    State Budget 2008-09: Building WA - Peel to benefit from huge capital works program

    8/05/2008 12:00 AM

    Regional Western Australia is driving both the State and ultimately national economies and the Carpenter Government is well aware of this phenomenal contribution, Treasurer Eric Ripper said today.


    Mr Ripper said the Government would spend more than twice as much per capita on regional infrastructure as it did in the metropolitan area in the 2008-09 Budget.


    “In 2008-09, capital works spending per capita in the metropolitan region will be $1,459 per person,” he said.


    “But across regional WA the Government will spend $3,296 per person - that is $1,837 or 126 per cent per person more.”


    The Treasurer said the Government would commit a record $26.1 billion on capital works across the State over the next four years, with $7.6 billion to be spent this financial year.


    “This is our eighth consecutive balanced Budget and the Government will return every single cent of the surplus to build infrastructure and therefore reduce the amount we need to borrow for this program,” he said.


    State-wide, the Government was committing heavily to health care, education, law and order, child protection and disability services.


    Overall the Government would spend:

    ·         $4.5 billion for health care, an increase of 5.8 per cent with 22.7 per cent more for mental health;

    ·         $3.6billion for education and training - up 3.9 per cent;

    ·         $2billion for law and order and community safety - up $135million;

    ·         $388million for disability services - almost double the amount spent in 2000‑01,

    ·         $349million for child protection - up 16.5 per cent; and

    ·         $1.2 billion on tax relief - with a 15 per cent cut to stamp duty on the median‑priced home, saving the homebuyer about $3,000.


    Mr Ripper said capital works in the Peel region had been allocated more than $382million in the Budget for projects that included:

    ·         Continuation of work on the $705million New Perth Bunbury Highway;

    ·         $3.8million for works at the Murray District Health Centre;

    ·         $3million to continue work on the Mandurah Community Health Centre (total project cost: $3.418million);

    ·         $750,000 to complete the new South Halls Head Primary School (total project cost: $9.5million);

    ·         $401,000 toward the Pinjarra-Brunswick Sustainability Strategy

    ·         $400,000 to complete the Mandurah Marine Operations Centre (total project cost: $9.4million)

    ·         $340,000 to complete the expansion of the Emergency Department at the Peel Health Campus (total project cost $3million);  and

    ·         $250,000 for new equipment at the Mandurah Marine Operations Centre;


    The Treasurer said funding for local water and wastewater infrastructure, included:

    ·         $26million for continued works on the link between Lakes Road in Mandurah to the Harvey Stirling Trunk Main;

    ·         $20.163million for work on the Mandurah Wastewater Treatment Plant (total project cost $42million); and

    ·         $20.1million for work on the link between the Ravenswood pumping station and North Dandalup pumping station.

    ·         $3.9million to complete upgrades to the Halls Head Wastewater Treatment;

    ·         $1.5million for infill sewerage works in Falcon;

    ·         $1.3million for works on the Mandurah Tank;

    ·         $1million for infill sewerage works at Dawesville (total project cost: $11.6million);

    ·         $1million for infill sewerage works at Halls Head;

    ·         $1million for chlorination works in Mandurah;

    ·         $1million for work on the Mandurah mains, west of the North Mandurah tank (total project cost $2.5million);


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