Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Minister for Education and Training; South West

    Parents key to early maths success

    6/05/2008 12:00 AM

    Parents of children in early primary school are being given a helping hand with a new booklet about learning maths at home.


    Education and Training Minister Mark McGowan said the booklet ‘Counting on you’ explained simple strategies for parents to encourage their children to think about and use maths in everyday life.


    “What children learn and practise outside school dramatically affects their performance in the classroom,” Mr McGowan said.


    “This booklet describes ways parents can help their children practise maths in a way that is easy, fun and practical.


    “Parents don’t need to be teachers or mathematicians to help their children with maths.


    “We use maths every day, often without realising, and involving children in cooking, gardening, shopping and games can make a positive difference to their skills and confidence in the classroom.”


    In the coming weeks, the ‘Counting on you’ booklet will be distributed to parents of all children in Kindergarten to Year Three in Western Australian public schools.


    A teacher resource kit has also been made available to help public schools conduct workshops with parents.


    The Minister said ‘Counting on you’ was part of the Government’s commitment to engage parents in their children’s education.


    “Research tells us parental involvement is a statistically significant predictor of their children’s achievements in mathematics,” he said.


    “Western Australian students consistently perform well in numeracy and mathematics and we are determined to raise the bar even further.


    “A strong foundation in mathematical skills, including numbers, shapes, direction, position and measurement, can open up a world of opportunities for children.


    “This is why last year I directed schools to spend 50 per cent of all class time on literacy and numeracy.”


    Posters of times tables are available to download from


    Minister's office - 9222 9111