John Kobelke

John Kobelke

Minister for Police and Emergency Services; Community Safety; Water Resources; Sport and Recreation

    New regional campaign targets speeding drivers

    3/05/2008 12:00 AM

    In a bid to reduce the number of speeding drivers on regional roads across Western Australia, the State Government has launched a new media awareness campaign.


    Community Safety Minister John Kobelke today launched the latest road safety mass media initiative aimed at reducing the number of drivers speeding on regional roads.


    The campaign, which includes a new television commercial titled ‘Flash’, begins in regional WA tomorrow evening, Sunday, May 4.


    “The simple fact is that higher speeds not only increase your crash risk, they also increase crash severity, resulting in increased chance of more serious injuries and death,” Mr Kobelke said.


    “Up to 45 per cent of WA drivers admit to regularly driving or riding above the posted speed limit and the focus of the 2008 speeding campaign will be on these drivers.”


    The Minister said a recent 2007 Main Roads survey had shown notably more drivers travelling above the speed limit on all roads in WA.


    “Even more concerning is that two-thirds of the vehicles measured on rural open roads were speeding above the posted or default speed limit, with one in four doing 120km/h or more,” he said.


    Mr Kobelke said the findings were particularly important given the significant increase in deaths on regional roads in 2007, when compared with 2006 and 2005.


    The new television commercial, supported by other media, focuses on the important role that police enforcement plays in keeping drivers safe on WA roads.  It aims to educate drivers that if they continued to drive above the posted speed limit, they could lose their licence - ‘in a flash’.


    “Those drivers and riders who continually travel in excess of the posted speed limits, endangering their lives and the lives of others, need to recognise that not only are they at risk of being involved in a crash, but they also face the very real risk of losing their licence,” the Minister said.   


    “The Government will continue to focus its efforts on deterring drivers from speeding.  However, those who continue to flout the law will be caught and penalised.”


    Last year, there were 34 more deaths on WA roads than in 2006 and 32 of those additional deaths occured on regional roads. Of the 147 deaths on regional roads in 2007, 89 were on 110km/h roads, 20 more than in 2006.   


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