Kim Chance

Kim Chance

Minister for Agriculture and Food; Forestry; the Mid West and Wheatbelt; Great Southern

    Farmers in the Mid-West receive State Budget assistance

    9/05/2008 12:00 AM

    Agricultural projects in the Mid-West will benefit from an injection of more than $3million from the State Budget.


    Agriculture and Food and Mid-West Minister Kim Chance said one of the Government’s priorities was to help farmers in the eastern parts of the region to recover from the impact of three seasons of drought.


    Mr Chance said $600,000 would be spent to provide information to enable farmers to evaluate options to develop sustainable farming systems in response to increasing herbicide resistance.


    “Natural resource management (NRM) in the Mid-West is also a big winner from the Budget, with $415,000 committed to projects such as co-ordinating NRM information and advice to respond to the dry season situation,” he said.


    “The funding will also be spent on the management of surface and groundwater systems and to provide regional support to National and State NRM projects researching and demonstrating sustainable agricultural resource practices.”


    The Minister said $150,000 per annum had been allocated to support a new five-year project to investigate opportunities to breed Merino sheep that would be resistant to breech strike and did not have to be mulesed.


    Mr Chance said the project was urgently required to address major animal welfare issues, a self-imposed industry ban on mulesing operations by 2010 and potential threats to international trade of sheep products.


    The Government has also made an $820,000 investment in animal and plant biosecurity in the Mid-West, which includes:

    ·       $210,000 for animal disease surveillance, regulation of livestock identification and movement;

    ·       $100,000 for plant pest and disease surveillance management and regulations;

    ·       $160,000 toward the regulation and management of declared plants;

    ·        $200,000 toward maintenance of the State Barrier Fence; and

    ·        $150,000 toward the management of endemic animal pests and surveillance for new pests.


    Other Mid-West funding initiatives for 2008-09 include:

    ·       $250,000 for the integration of pastoral and agricultural beef production and improved supply chain management;

    ·       $230,000 for research in the pig industry, including pork eating quality, pig housing, environmental issues, technology transfer and feed grains;

     ·      $200,000 for pastoral industries ‘Best Practice’

           development to support groups to meet their business 

           improvement needs;

    ·        $100,000 for sheep meat industry development, including genetic improvement and a focus on ewe health;

    ·        $100,000 for inspection of existing pastoral leases in support of the Pastoral Lands Board;

    ·        $100,000 productivity improvement and industry development for lupins;

    ·        $100,000 to complete the West Midlands sub-region Rapid Catchment Appraisal program identifying areas at risk from high water tables and providing management options;

    ·       100,000 to assist the Commissioner for Soil and Land Conservation to administer the act in relation to clearing, drainage and erosion; and

    ·        $100,000 to undertake research and monitoring of ground water processes in the Mid-West.


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