Francis Logan

Francis Logan

Minister for Energy; Resources; Industry and Enterprise

    Energy savings across Government

    15/05/2008 12:00 AM

    State Government agencies have saved more than $13million in energy costs and avoided greenhouse gas emissions of almost 37,500 tonnes - the equivalent of taking 8,600 cars off the road - over the past five years.


    Energy Minister Francis Logan, who tabled the Energy Smart Government report in State Parliament today, said these energy savings had been achieved through a reduction in energy consumption of almost 500,000 gigajoules.


    “Energy consumption per full-time employee has reduced by 16.2 per cent since 2001-02 when the Energy Smart Government program began,” Mr Logan said.


    “This demonstrates a significant improvement in the efficiency of energy use.”


    The Minister said this had occurred at a time when Western Australia’s economic activity had increased by 28 per cent and Government operations had been expanded to support this growth.


    “Despite this, total energy consumption by participating agencies has remained below 2001-02 levels - 2.5 per cent lower in 2006-07,” he said.


    “While the higher than expected growth meant that the overall 12 per cent energy saving target was not reached, I am pleased to report that more than two-thirds of agencies have achieved improvements in energy efficiency of more than 12 per cent.


    “This is an excellent result in the context of a booming economy and if replicated across the economy, would deliver significant savings to households and businesses.”


    Mr Logan said this year’s report marked the end of the current phase of the program.


    The Minister said there was now a much greater awareness of energy efficiency in Government and the wider community.


    “There are also increasing energy cost pressures that Government agencies will need to deal with in the future, including the costs of emissions trading,” he said.


    “As a result, Government agencies will need to see energy efficiency as a core business activity.


    “The next phase of the program will include ongoing reporting requirements and performance benchmarks for agencies, as well as assistance to agencies by way of facilitation grants and support from the Sustainable Energy Development Office.”


    More details on the Energy Smart Government report is available at:


    Minister's office - 9222 8950