Jim McGinty

Jim McGinty

Attorney General; Minister for Health; Electoral Affairs

    Complicated food labelling hard to digest

    2/05/2008 12:00 AM

    The Western Australian Government has used today’s Food Regulation Ministerial Council meeting to renew its push for simpler food labelling.


    Parliamentary Secretary to the WA Health Minister, John Hyde, said easy-to-understand food labelling was a vital tool in tackling the State’s growing obesity epidemic.


    “Obesity is on the rise across the nation,” Mr Hyde said.


    “In WA, 60 per cent of adult males and 43 per cent of adult females are overweight or obese - a figure which has doubled over the past two decades.


    “Childhood obesity is also on the rise, with one in five children between five and 15 years of age being overweight or obese.


    “Industry’s voluntary use of percentage daily intake figures is confusing, hard to digest and often misleading for shoppers.


    “We have been lobbying our State and Federal counterparts for some time now to introduce simple green-amber-red traffic light labelling on the front of food packages to help shoppers make healthier food choices.


    “There have been too many delays, while obesity and other preventable health issues continue to rise.


    “We need to act now.”


    Mr Hyde said that many WA researchers and health advocates had worked with the Government to develop the new, healthier system.


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