Michelle Roberts

Michelle Roberts

Minister for Housing and Works; Indigenous Affairs; Heritage; Land Information

    Western Australia to join global earth monitoring network

    15/04/2008 12:00 AM

    Western Australia will be part of a world-class initiative to gather information about the earth’s surface.


    Land Information Minister Michelle Roberts today announced that a network of 26 continuously operating reference stations (CORS) would be built throughout WA, including Broome.


    “The CORS are used in conjunction with global positioning system (GPS) technology to monitor seismic and tectonic motion,” Mrs Roberts said.


    “Put simply, the concrete pillars stationed throughout WA are fitted with satellite receivers which can indicate land movement to the nearest millimetre.


    “Amazingly, every year Australia moves about seven centimetres in a North-East direction.”


    The State Government, through Landgate, will contribute more than $2million over five years to fund the CORS project.  In addition, the Commonwealth will contribute a further $1million.


    “A site has been selected in Broome overlooking Roebuck Bay and near the super-tide gauge which monitors changes in sea-level,” the Minister said.


    Mrs Roberts said CORS data could also be used by the revolutionary telescope project Square Kilometre Array (SKA).


    “Should WA be successful in its bid for the SKA telescope, CORS data would be used to monitor storm activity in the upper atmosphere,” she said.


    “Information will also be used by Landgate and the wider community for surveying, mapping, navigation and for engineering and agricultural machine guidance.”


    Stations are already under construction in Esperance, Burakin (in the Wheatbelt) and Kalgoorlie.


    The sites are being built by Landgate on behalf of AuScope Ltd, under the Federal Government’s National Earth Science Infrastructure program.


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