Sheila McHale

Sheila McHale

Minister for Disability Services; Tourism; Culture and the Arts; Consumer Protection

    WA Museum exhibition showcases HMAS Sydney II find

    24/04/2008 12:00 AM

    The nation’s first exhibition telling the moving story of the finding of the wreck of HMAS Sydney has been unveiled in Geraldton.


    Culture and the Arts Minister Sheila McHale today opened ‘Pride of the Fleet - the search for HMAS Sydney (II)’ which exhibits images and information of the HMAS Sydney wreck.


    “Last month’s discovery of the HMAS Sydney wreck site is of great national importance,” Ms McHale said.


    “The Finding Sydney Foundation has given the museum access to all of the material collected over recent weeks - including the graphic and sometimes chilling images from the sea floor.


    “Today’s opening lends even more significance to tomorrow’s ANZAC Day because after more than six decades, we know where the final resting place of Sydney is.


    “The exhibition includes the histories of both the HMAS Sydney and the HSK Kormoran, the accounts of the battle and the search for the ships’ final resting place.”


    The Minister said the State Government provided $550,000 towards the search for HMAS Sydney.


    In addition, the Government had invested $124,000 in the documentary ‘The Hunt for HMAS Sydney’, which tells the stories of those who served on the ship and who lost their lives off the Shark Bay coast.


    The Western Australian production is a behind-the-scenes story of the search for the ship by shipwreck hunter David Mearns and his team aboard the SV Geosounder.


    Ms McHale said the free exhibition would run for at least 18 months.


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