David Templeman

David Templeman

Minister for the Environment; Climate Change; Peel

    New plan, new website for Shark Bay

    30/04/2008 12:00 AM

    Members of the public are invited to suggest names for unnamed islands and a proposed conservation reserve in Shark Bay, as part of the consultation process for a draft management plan for the area.

    Environment Minister David Templeman today released a 10-year draft management plan for the Shark Bay Terrestrial Reserves and proposed new reserves.

    Mr Templeman said the State Government was also asking people to submit names for the proposed conservation reserve covering the area known as South Peron and the unnamed islands that formed part of the Shark Bay Islands Nature Reserves.

    “This magnificent part of Western Australia is valuable for a range of reasons, but it is also vulnerable,” Mr Templeman said.

    “We need to make sure we manage it properly so it can be enjoyed and admired by generations to come.

    “Public input is an essential part of preparing management plans for our conservation reserves and I encourage people to become involved in the process.”

    The Minister said the draft management plan covered existing reserves in the region including Francois Peron National Park, Shell Beach Conservation Park, Zuytdorp Nature Reserve, Bernier and Dorre Islands Nature Reserve and various Shark Bay island nature reserves. 

    It also included a large number of proposed reserve additions, including nature reserves to be created from parts of the former pastoral leases Tamala, Murchison House and Nanga, as well as the proposed Dirk Hartog Island and Edel Land National Parks and about 18 unnamed and unreserved islands, islets and rocks.

    “Shark Bay’s natural heritage values makes it one of only 19 sites worldwide that meet all four of the natural criteria for World Heritage listing,” Mr Templeman said.

    “The draft plan outlines strategies to effectively manage Shark Bay’s diverse range of landforms and the major environmental values, including many threatened species.

    “The peninsulas and islands provide refuge for migratory and threatened fauna, including five threatened mammal species on Bernier and Dorre Islands Nature Reserve, and breeding sites for seabirds.

    “The Shark Bay area also has considerable cultural heritage value.”

    The Minister said the draft plan proposed a number of strategies to ensure the protection of the distinctive values of Shark Bay, while at the same time improving visitor experiences.

    The draft plan was prepared by the Department of Environment and Conservation on behalf of the Conservation Commission of WA and in consultation with the local community.

    Advice was provided by the Shark Bay Community Advisory Committee, comprising representatives from various existing committees, Government agencies and local people from the towns of Denham and Carnarvon.

    When the plan is finalised, it will replace the current Shark Bay Terrestrial Reserves Management Plan 2000-2009.

    Also launched today was an innovative new website for the Shark Bay World Heritage Property - http://www.sharkbay.org

    The site covers all aspects of Shark Bay, from its World Heritage values to its natural history and intriguing culture.

    “The website is an essential resource for anyone looking for detailed, accurate information about the Shark Bay World Heritage Area,” Mr Templeman said.

    The public comment period for the draft management plan will be open for two months ending on Monday, July 7.  Copies of the plan can be obtained from DEC’s Kensington and Perth offices, the Mid-West Regional office in Geraldton, the Shark Bay District office in Denham and the Carnarvon Work Centre.  Copies are also available from the department’s website NatureBase at: http://www.naturebase.net/content/view/2332/1183/

    Comments and suggested names can also be submitted here.

    Public workshops will be held in Denham and Carnarvon during the submission period.  Information about the workshops can be obtained from the department’s NatureBase website at http://www.naturebase.net/content/view/250/1238/

    Minister's office - 9220 5050