Alan Carpenter

Alan Carpenter

Premier; Minister for Federal-State Relations; Trade; Innovation; Science; Public Sector Management

    Impact of household fees and charges again kept below inflation rate

    4/04/2008 12:00 AM

    For the eighth consecutive year, the State Government has kept the combined impact of Government fees and charges on Western Australian households to below the rate of inflation.


    Premier Alan Carpenter announced today that Government increases in fees and charges for the typical household in 2008-09 would have an overall impact of just 2.4 per cent - well below the 3.4 per cent reference rate of inflation.


    “Despite cost and service delivery pressures associated with WA’s strong economy and climate change, this Government has been committed to minimising the financial impact on WA families and households,” Mr Carpenter said.


    “This is demonstrated by the fact that for eight years in a row, we have kept increases in household fees and charges to below the rate of inflation.


    “Overall, this year’s arrangements will result in the average household paying an extra $85 a year, or about $1.60 a week.”


    Under the 2008-09 arrangements, the following will apply from July 1;


    ·         no increase in domestic electricity tariffs for the 12th year in a row;

    ·         no increase in compulsory third party insurance premiums;

    ·         no increase in driver’s licence fees;

    ·         no change to stamp duty rate on insurance;

    ·         3.4 per cent increase in motor vehicle licence fees - or $6.64 a year on the average family car;

    ·         0.7 per cent or $1 increase on the average residential emergency service levy;

    ·         an average six per cent, or $56.30 annual increase on household water bills comprising 3.4 per cent increase in sewerage charges, 5.9 per cent increase in drainage charges and a 9.7 per cent increase in water charges -

    Note: These increases are recommended by the Economic Regulation Authority; and

    ·         3.4 per cent increase in public transport fares.  The special 50 cent student fare will remain unchanged, as will all concession fares up to and including two zones, which covers 85 per cent of concession journeys.  Other concession fares will rise by a flat 10 cents.


    The Premier said WA had among the lowest rates for water, electricity and motor vehicle registrations in the nation.


    “We have achieved this during a period when we have also invested billions of dollars in electricity, water and public transport infrastructure,” he said.


    “The State Government’s annual investment on infrastructure in these three crucial areas has almost trebled since 2001.


    “In total, we have spent more than $12.3billion on electricity, water and public transport projects in eight years.  In the previous eight years, just $5.4billion was spent in these areas.


    “We are building our State for the future benefit of all Western Australians.”


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