Michelle Roberts

Michelle Roberts

Minister for Housing and Works; Indigenous Affairs; Heritage; Land Information

    First homebuyers winners in the North-West

    3/04/2008 12:00 AM

    First homebuyers were the winners when six properties were offered for purchase as part of the State Government’s $50million South Hedland New Living urban renewal project.


    The six renovated houses, in Mitchie Crescent South Hedland, were sold by the Department of Housing and Works (DHW) and its New Living partner JAXON on the first day they were offered.


    Housing and Works Minister Michelle Roberts said she was very pleased that first homebuyers had purchased five of the six homes.


    “Under this DHW New Living urban renewal project, 480 properties are being refurbished, improving public housing and creating home ownership opportunities,” Mrs Roberts said.


    “About 180 of these properties will be sold to the public.


    “It would be great to see most of them bought by first homebuyers.”


    The South Hedland New Living urban renewal project is the largest regional renewal initiative to take place in Western Australia.


    “New Living urban renewal increases housing supply and provides new opportunities for home ownership,” the Minister said.


    JAXON project manager Peter Markham said working with DHW, the local council and the community to strengthen South Hedland would make it a better place to live. 


    “Actively encouraging local home ownership is an important step to making this a reality,” Mr Markham said.


    Mrs Roberts said keeping houses affordable, with prices between $350,000 and $415,000, was a priority for the New Living project.


    One of the fortunate ballot holders was first homebuyer Maria Cernak, who has lived in South Hedland with her partner for almost two years.


    “We are delighted to finally escape from the rent trap,” Ms Cernak said.


    Twenty-five more houses are undergoing refurbishment and the majority of those will be offered for sale over the coming months.


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