Jim McGinty

Jim McGinty

Attorney General; Minister for Health; Electoral Affairs

    New radiology system means faster treatment for Mid-West patients

    7/03/2008 12:00 AM

    Mid-West patients will be the first to use new radiology services provided as part of a $6.5million upgrade across regional hospitals in Western Australia.


    Health Minister Jim McGinty said $950,000 had been spent on upgrading imaging facilities at Geraldton Hospital, enabling doctors to diagnose and treat patients faster and reducing the need to travel to Perth.


    “The new Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS), which is a digital system used to view, store and distribute radiology images, has been installed at Geraldton Hospital,” Mr McGinty said.


    “This is the latest in radiology technology and means that CT scans, ultrasounds, digital angiography and X-rays can be viewed and stored in digital format.


    “Doctors will be able to view the images on a computer screen rather than on film, which is harder to store and takes time to process. The images can be viewed on special monitors in the emergency department, operating theatre and on the hospital ward.


    “A major advance is the ability to instantly transfer images to specialists in Perth so that local clinicians can easily and quickly consult with their colleagues as they simultaneously look at the images.


    “Doctors will also be able to quickly access images of scans which patients had at other hospitals, providing a complete history of a patient’s condition in minutes.


    “PACS eliminates the risk of losing films and also means that many doctors around the hospital, and at other hospitals, can view the image at the same time, rather than needing to wait for films to be delivered.”


    Geraldton MLA Shane Hill said he was pleased that patients in the Mid-West would be the first to benefit from the new technology.


    “This new imaging technology not only means patients at Geraldton Hospital will be diagnosed and treated faster, meaning less time spent in hospital, but it will also ensure they continue to receive the best care right here in the Mid-West,” Mr Hill said.


    Radiology imaging facilities at Broome, Port Hedland, Albany and Kalgoorlie will also be upgraded over the next two years. The State Government has committed $5billion to improve health infrastructure across WA including more than $600million to be spent on country health service capital works.


    “It is the biggest investment in health care in WA’s history and is part of the State Government’s commitment to provide all Western Australians with health care closer to where they live,” Mr McGinty said.


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