Margaret Quirk

Margaret Quirk

Minister for Corrective Services; Small Business

    Minister directs separation of convicted women murderers

    7/03/2008 12:00 AM

    Corrective Services Minister Margaret Quirk said Bandyup Women’s Prison staff would ensure Valerie Parashumti and Jessica Stasinowsky continued to be housed in separate units while they served their life sentence for the wilful murder of

    Stacey Mitchell.


    “These two women are rated as maximum security prisoners and as such, have to be imprisoned in Bandyup, because that is the only corrective services facility for women in Western Australia which can cater for maximum security prisoners,” Ms Quirk said.


    “It would be preferable to keep these two women entirely separate from each other and in an ideal world, this would be possible.


    “The Department of Corrective Services does not have the luxury of working in an ideal world - we operate under the constraints of reality and the reality is that Bandyup is the only women’s jail in this State which can handle these types of dangerous criminals.


    “For the protection of society and for the heinous nature of their crime, that is where Parashumti and Stasinowsky will be housed.


    “To that end, I have directed they be kept in different units from each other.  They do not now, and will not in future, share a cell with each other.


    “They have now, and will continue to have, minimal opportunity for any kind of contact.


    “That said, it cannot be guaranteed they will have no contact:  For example, they may have incidental opportunities to speak to each other in situations such as meal times or exercise periods.


    “I have spoken to the department and expect that all efforts will be made by Corrective Services staff to minimise any such opportunities.


    “Given the nature of their behaviour while on remand in custody, Parashumti and  Stasinowsky will continue to be kept under close supervision at all times and I have directed this to continue.”


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