Margaret Quirk

Margaret Quirk

Minister for Corrective Services; Small Business

    Going west - going well

    27/03/2008 12:00 AM

    Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures released yesterday show overseas migration is now responsible for more than half of the nation’s population growth. 


    Small Business Minister Margaret Quirk said this was pleasing recognition of the State Government’s efforts in attracting skilled and business migrants from key overseas destinations, including New Zealand.


    “The State Government has undertaken comprehensive migration attraction programs through the State Migration Centre and the Go West Now campaign, and the results are showing,” Ms Quirk said.


    “The Go West Now campaign, launched in September 2006, has been successful in boosting migration, with ABS figures showing strong growth in migration from New Zealand during 2006-07.


    “Our visits to the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, China, India and South Africa have showcased the opportunities available in Western Australia for business and skilled migrants, and have no doubt contributed to the increased migration figures.”


    Ms Quirk said figures from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) indicated that settler arrivals from New Zealand were at an all time high of 17.1 per cent - up from 6.8 per cent 10 years ago.


    The ABS research showed the overseas immigration rate during 2006-07 was highest in WA, exceeding the national average.


    “The State Government is delighted with these results and we will continue our program for skilled workers overseas and interstate,” the Minister said.


    “There is a full program of migration attraction initiatives planned for 2008-09, including overseas migration expos in the UK, China and India and Go West Now skills attraction expos in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland in New Zealand.


    “This weekend alone, we have more than 11,000 potential migrants booked to meet with our State Migration officers during a migration expo in Johannesburg.”


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