Alannah MacTiernan

Alannah MacTiernan

Minister for Planning and Infrastructure

    Esperance community invited to comment on beach rejuvenation

    5/03/2008 12:00 AM

    Esperance residents are invited to comment on measures to address long-term foreshore erosion problems and help rejuvenate the town's scenic beaches.


    Planning and Infrastructure Minister Alannah MacTiernan today unveiled five options for preventing future erosion of Town Beach and stabilising the foreshore in the area.


    Ms MacTiernan said the options ranged from a basic proposal to deposit sand on Town Beach to the detailed construction of a long groyne north of the Tanker Jetty.


    The proposed options included:


    ·         constructing a rock groyne north of the Tanker Jetty, either 100m (option one) or 150m long (option two) and placing sand on the beach to the south;

    ·         constructing a rock headland around the base of the Tanker Jetty and placing sand on the beach to the south (option three);

    ·         constructing a rock groyne to the south of the Tanker Jetty, 75m long and placing sand on the beach to the south (option four); and

    ·         constructing a rock seawall along the foreshore and placing sand on the beach (option five).


    “We want to provide a more effective long-term plan for providing a wider beach rather than ad hoc deposits of additional sand,” the Minister said.


    “Esperance has a reputation for having some of the longest white sandy beaches in the world and this process is aimed at ensuring that is maintained.


    “We also want to return life to the town’s foreshore area and reconnect it to the CBD as outlined in the Esperance Foreshore Master Plan.


    “Engineers and other specialists have reviewed more than 30 years of reports before developing these options.


    “We’ll seek community comment over the next four weeks so we can work towards implementing the preferred option before winter this year.


    “In the meantime, we will continue restoring Town Beach and the foreshore area using some of the 40,000 cubic metres of sand taken from Bandy Creek Boat Harbour following the January 2007 storm.”


    Ms MacTiernan said the Department for Planning and Infrastructure had completed extensive wave and shoreline modelling in the area before agreeing with the Esperance Port and the Esperance Shire on the options to be presented to the community for consultation.


    The modelling showed that a control structure at the Tanker Jetty would provide a larger beach to the south.


    The State Government, the port, the shire and the Esperance Foreshore Erosion Committee have agreed to contribute to the cost of implementing the preferred option which will allow for future development of foreshore recreational facilities.


    For more information about the options detailed in the Esperance Beaches Rejuvenation project - Stage One, visit


    Comments can be emailed to or posted to Esperance Beaches Rejuvenation Project, PO Box 402 FREMANTLE 6959 before Thursday, April 3.


    Minister's Office - 9213 6400