Francis Logan

Francis Logan

Minister for Energy; Resources; Industry and Enterprise

    Survey work to help mineral explorers

    14/02/2008 4:19 PM

    The State Government has released geoscience information to assist explorers find new mineral deposits and develop the mines of the future.

    Resources Minister Francis Logan today opened the annual Geological Survey of WA seminar and poster day, giving the public access to the latest results of pre-competitive geoscience programs, new products and online services.

    Mr Logan said the work of the Geological Survey of WA, within the Department of Industry and Resources, played a fundamental role in increasing mineral exploration around the State.

    “The latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show the value of Western Australia’s mineral exploration industry rose to $930million for the year to September 2007,” he said.

    “Explorers can thank the Geological Survey of WA for providing vital geoscientific information to them.

    “The release of pre-competitive data will help to keep WA at the forefront of the international resources industry.”

    A new publication about WA’s dimension stone industry was also unveiled at the seminar and poster day. Dimension stones are high quality building facing stones, commonly used in houses, buildings, fences and for ornamental and monumental stone.

    “A walk down St George’s Terrace, as well as through many modern kitchens, reveals spectacular examples of WA dimension stone used in Perth buildings,” the Minister said.

    “The first volume of this publication deals with the South-West region, which contains many high quality and visually attractive dimension stones.

    “This new publication will be a big boost for the industry, as it lists all known locations of dimension stone in the South-West and details the latest methods of extraction.”

    The publication, Dimension Stone in Western Australia Volume 1, can be downloaded free from

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