Alan Carpenter

Alan Carpenter

Premier; Minister for Federal-State Relations; Trade; Innovation; Science; Public Sector Management

Alannah MacTiernan

Alannah MacTiernan

Minister for Planning and Infrastructure

    Repeat offenders to be banned from buses and trains

    26/02/2008 11:30 AM

    Repeat offenders guilty of violence, graffiti, vandalism or anti-social behaviour on trains and buses will be banned from using public transport.

    Premier Alan Carpenter today announced new banning orders which will see violent offenders and graffiti vandals banned from train and bus stations, as well as travelling on Transperth trains, buses, ferries and Transwa rail and road coach services.

    The orders will come into effect this Friday.

    “Western Australians have every right to use their world-class public transport system without being assaulted, threatened or subjected to offensive behaviour,” Mr Carpenter said.

    “People who repeatedly deny them this right or wilfully damage an important community asset should not expect to be able to use it.

    “While repeat offenders are in the very small minority, we recognise that their actions of violent loutish behaviour, graffiti and vandalism are regarded as serious issues by the community.

    “Banning repeat offenders from using public transport will be an extra deterrent and could contribute to changing that type of behaviour.”

    Planning and Infrastructure Minister Alannah MacTiernan said that while the number of such offences was small when compared with the 35 million plus public transport journeys taken each year, the impact those very few offenders could have on the perceptions and the actual experience of other customers was significant.

    “Under these banning orders, those found guilty by the courts of two offences within 12 months can be banned for a month and those guilty of three offences within 18 months can receive a three month ban,” Ms MacTiernan said.

    The Minister said legislation would be introduced into the Parliament in the next few months that would further strengthen the banning orders.

    “If a banning order is breached, the Bill we are introducing will enable the courts to impose penalties such as community-based orders, intensive supervision orders or imprisonment with a possible jail term of up to nine months,” she said.

    The new regulations, which will put the banning orders into effect, will allow the chief executive of the Public Transport Authority to ban repeat offenders who are found guilty by the courts of selected offences under the Criminal Code, the Government Railways Act, and the Public Transport Authority regulations.

    The offences cover violent or dangerous behaviour, behaviour offensive to other passengers and vandalism and graffiti on Public Transport Authority property.

    Ms MacTiernan said security staff, the Police Rail Unit and the CCTV camera network would have an important role in helping enforce the banning orders.

    “Our rail and bus facilities have extensive CCTV coverage, much of which is monitored in real time in the CCTV control centre,” she said.

    “The CCTV control centre has proven effective in identifying wanted individuals in the past and alerting security officers and police to their location.

    “On the rail system, Transit Officers are allocated to the same lines each day, rather than working throughout the system, so they are familiar with the patrons on their lines.

    “Similarly, bus drivers, who are supported by security patrols and guards at bus stations, develop a familiarity with their routes and their patrons, and can assist Transperth with a security follow up when a banning order is breached.”

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