Francis Logan

Francis Logan

Minister for Energy; Resources; Industry and Enterprise

    Malaysians seek out WA's resources expertise

    26/02/2008 2:31 PM

    Western Australia’s expertise in cataloguing mining and petroleum samples is now being internationally recognised.

    Resources Minister Francis Logan today confirmed that one of Malaysia’s biggest oil and gas companies, Petronas, had approached the Geological Survey of WA for help in establishing a drill core library in their Kuala Lumpur office.

    Geological Survey of WA operates within the Department of Industry and Resources.

    “Petronas is one of the global oil and gas leaders and has a collection of petroleum core and cuttings samples that have been taken from all over the world,” Mr Logan said.

    “The Geological Survey of WA has built a world-leading reputation for the outstanding work they do in managing the core samples and data from the State’s large and diverse resource industry.

    “Geological Survey’s two modern core library facilities in Perth and Kalgoorlie house geological information that is used to drive government and private sector research and exploration programs.

    “The information they contain is vital to the continued success of the State’s resources industry and I commend the great work of the Geological Survey team.”

    Core Library Services manager Gary Williams recently travelled to Kuala Lumpur to provide information and advice to Petronas on the establishment of the library.

    “Petronas’ existing core warehouse has reached its full capacity and modern client facilities are needed,” Mr Williams said.

    “I prepared a conceptual building plan and brief for the new facility that will service the industry for the next 30 years.

    “It will house large quantities of petroleum core, cuttings, side wall cores and fluid samples and will include modern core viewing facilities with core cutting and photographic services and additional storage for seismic tapes.”

    The Minister said the State’s resources industry continued to shine, with new exploration successes being announced almost daily.

    “WA’s entrepreneurial explorers, highly skilled and experienced miners, world-class research facilities, innovative services industry and targeted government policy and services are providing the foundation for our booming resources industry,” he said.

    “Geological Survey’s invitation by Petronas demonstrates that we are known as resources leaders throughout the world.”

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