Alan Carpenter

Alan Carpenter

Premier; Minister for Federal-State Relations; Trade; Innovation; Science; Public Sector Management

    Liquor reforms revitalising the City of Perth

    12/02/2008 8:47 PM

    Premier Alan Carpenter and Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi have declared the State Government’s new liquor licensing reforms a success in helping to revitalise the City of Perth.

    Mr Carpenter met Ms Scaffidi today and they have agreed to work together to build on the momentum created by the new liquor reforms, which were implemented nine months ago.

    “We have a vision for Perth as a thriving, vibrant and welcoming city and we are delighted that our liquor reforms, with the great support of Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi and the City of Perth, have already had an impact on what is available in the city,” the Premier said.

    “While other councils have also embraced our reforms, the City of Perth has taken them a step further.

    “The City of Perth has taken advantage of one of our State’s best natural assets - the fantastic weather - and allowed people to enjoy a drink outside in alfresco areas, without having to order a meal.

    “This is an initiative which will reinvigorate the CBD and I urge other councils to follow the City of Perth’s lead.”

    Mr Carpenter said the City of Perth had given strong support for more small bar/cafe venues.

    “The State Government’s liquor licensing reforms are breathing new life into the City of Perth,” he said.

    “Within the city, four new small bars have been approved, one is being assessed and 16 restaurants are now able to serve alcohol without meals.”

    The Premier congratulated those councils which had actively promoted the Government’s new liquor reforms.

    “Across WA, a total of 60 small licensed venues have been approved to date, including both small bars (nine) and cafes and restaurants serving alcohol without a meal (51),” he said

    “Another 36 applications are currently being assessed.”

    The Lord Mayor said collaborating with the State Government was the key to getting things done.

    “One of the most important relationships we can have is with our State Government,” Ms Scaffidi said.

    “It is through working side by side and with a combined focus that we will truly be able to address the issues needing to be worked on at this time in our city’s growth and development.

    “The council has been a strong supporter of the new liquor reforms, and has already proactively encouraged more small licensed venues to open in the city.

    “We have amended our policies and regulations in an endeavour to make it easier for new operators to establish themselves in the city.

    “We have also taken several prospective bar operators on tours of the city looking at potential premises, especially those sites that could also activate the city’s laneways, such as Wolf Lane and others.

    “Perth is the cultural hub of Western Australia, and we are seeing it develop a diverse and vibrant new cultural scene.

    “It’s driven by the massive amount of new physical infrastructure going up every day, as well as social and cultural investments that are making it hum. The liquor reforms are an important part of that.”

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