Francis Logan

Francis Logan

Minister for Energy; Resources; Industry and Enterprise

    Western Australians applauded for reducing energy use

    3/01/2008 7:35 PM

    Energy Minister Francis Logan has congratulated and thanked all Western Australians for their response to today’s gas shortage.

    The North West Shelf Venture’s Karratha Gas plant, which is operated by Woodside, was forced to shut down yesterday.

    This led to a significant reduction in the amount of gas available to generate power in WA.

    “The gas shortfall reduced the amount of power being generated and Western Power asked all homes and businesses to reduce their power use today,” Mr Logan said.

    “I am very pleased to hear that many Western Australians - individuals, businesses and government departments - took heed of this request and reduced their energy consumption. I applaud them for their fantastic efforts.

    “As a result of their actions, Western Power believes about 100-150MW of energy was saved.

    “The media also played an important part in keeping Western Australians informed about what they could do to reduce energy use and I thank them for that.

    “I am also very pleased to acknowledge the assistance of WA’s large industry and energy sectors, particularly the co-ordinating roles played by Western Power and Dampier Bunbury Pipeline.

    “Thanks to their efforts, additional power generation became available during the day that will hopefully ensure there are no power blackouts.

    “I would particularly like to thank companies that have agreed to pass on contracted gas supplies to ensure that we can keep the lights on.”

    Up until 5pm today, the highest demand for electricity was reached at 3.52pm with demand at 3,155MW.

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