David Templeman

David Templeman

Minister for the Environment; Climate Change; Peel

    Perth workplaces travelling smarter to reduce climate change

    28/11/2007 12:30 PM

    Eight Perth employers have committed to reducing greenhouse gases and improving the city’s air quality by developing a Green Transport Plan for their workplace.

    Environment and Climate Change Minister David Templeman today acknowledged the important contribution made by the workplaces, which had encouraged their employees to make environmentally-smart transport choices.

    “Getting people out of their cars and onto sustainable transport is not an easy task and I applaud these employers for the important role they are playing in reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions,” Mr Templeman said

    “Encouraging staff to use environmentally-friendly alternatives to driving to or from work alone will lead to a significant and sustainable improvement, not only in Perth’s air quality, but in the global fight on climate change.

    “Small changes in transport choices make a big difference - if just one day a week, people catch a bus or train, walk, cycle, work from home - or ‘telecommute’ - or
    car-pool, it cuts vehicle emissions by 20 per cent.”

    The Minister said the Green Transport Plans had been developed through TravelSmart Workplace, a joint program of the Department for Planning and Infrastructure and the Department of Environment and Conservation.

    “The program is designed to make the community stop and think about the travel choices it makes,” he said.

    “As a government, we are acting now for the future and investing heavily in public transport and cycling paths and we want to encourage the community to use them so we can create a healthier community and a cleaner, greener city.

    “Therefore, it is important that more workplaces adopt the TravelSmart Workplace program and actively promote using environmentally friendly and physically active alternatives to driving to work.

    “To date, 29 organisations at 49 sites with a total of 20,200 employees have been involved and I am pleased to announce that another five employers have joined the program for 2007-08.”

    Workplaces which have developed a Green Transport Plan through the TravelSmart Workplace Program in 2006-07 are:
    • City of Gosnells; City of Joondalup;
    • City of Mandurah;
    • City of Rockingham;
    • City of Stirling;
    • LandCorp;
    • Main Roads; and
    • Public Transport Authority.
    Workplaces which have joined the program for 2008 are:
    • City of Belmont;
    • Department of Immigration and Citizenship;
    • Department of Sport and Recreation
    • Murdoch University; and
    • University of Western Australia.
    Minister's office: 9220 5050