David Templeman

David Templeman

Minister for the Environment; Climate Change; Peel

Francis Logan

Francis Logan

Minister for Energy; Resources; Industry and Enterprise

    Peel region poised to be the site for WA's next technology hub

    30/11/2007 10:52 AM

    A survey conducted by businesses in the Mandurah and Peel region has revealed the area has existing technology capabilities and the potential to be the Western Australia’s next technology hub.

    Industry and Enterprise Minister Francis Logan today announced the results of the Mandurah and Peel Business Survey conducted earlier this year.

    Mr Logan said the survey identified that a significant amount of technology-based businesses were located in the region.

    The Minister said this information would help the State Government to determine the strengths and innovative capabilities of the industry.

    “On the back of the survey results, I am pleased to announce that the Carpenter Government will provide further funding for a feasibility study to identify how the technology sector can be further developed in the region,” he said.

    “My vision is to ensure WA has a sustainable economy long after the resources boom and I see the Mandurah and Peel region taking a leading role.

    “I see the region becoming the home of a technology-driven hub of like-minded industry, with the Peel Learning Precinct - WA’s first co-located school, TAFE and University campus - providing a great foundation for this location.

    “The results of the feasibility study will help us determine if establishing a technology hub within this precinct will have economic and social benefits.

    “I am excited by the existing potential of the region and the opportunities for its future growth.”

    Peel Minister and Mandurah MLA David Templeman said the Mandurah and Peel district was home to the third-fastest growing regional economy in WA, with more than $4.5billion worth of projects either under way or in the pipeline.

    “The region’s economy is undergoing a significant transformation from a sleepy fishing village to a prosperous community with an abundance of business opportunities,” Mr Templeman said.

    “The purpose of the survey was to provide data to make plans for the future needs of businesses in Mandurah and the Peel Region.

    “The data collected will allow organisations, such as the Peel Development Commission, the City of Mandurah, the Department of Industry and Resources, the Small Business Centre and the Peel Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to identify and provide appropriate services and infrastructure to help local businesses grow and remain healthy.”

    City of Mandurah Mayor Paddi Creevey said the region had a lot of potential.

    “It is important to develop initiatives and sustainable industry and employment opportunities that will help cater for Mandurah’s population growth, which is expected to reach 118,000 by 2021,” Ms Creevey said.

    “The City of Mandurah will use the information from the survey to help deliver a number of support services, ranging from succession planning to provision of essential business infrastructure - all of which will create a vibrant and innovative southern city.

    “Judging by the business confidence revealed in the survey, Mandurah and the wider Peel region are entering an exciting era. This is backed up by new infrastructure such as the new Perth to Mandurah rail service that will increase the region’s attractiveness for new businesses and commuters.”

    A copy of the survey can be found at the City of Mandurah and Peel Development Commission websites at http://www.mandurah.wa.gov.au and http://www.peel.wa.gov.au

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