Ljiljanna Ravlich

Ljiljanna Ravlich

Minister for Local Government; Racing and Gaming; Multicultural Interests and Citizenship; Government Enterprises; Minister Assisting the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure; Goldfields-Esperance; Youth

    Belmont Park Racecourse to remain in Victoria Park

    8/11/2007 4:01 PM

    Local Government Minister Ljiljanna Ravlich today accepted a recommendation by the Local Government Advisory Board to reject a proposal by the City of Belmont for an amendment to its boundary to incorporate the Belmont Park Racecourse.

    Ms Ravlich said the board had found insufficient justification for the proposal, which did not adequately address the significant future developments planned for the area.

    In accepting the board’s decision, the Minister said the decision was the right one in that it recognised a long historical connection as well as the ongoing benefit of the peninsula remaining under the auspices of a single local government authority.

    “From a planning perspective the board argued that dividing the Burswood Peninsula between two local governments was not a desirable outcome and for the benefit of all stakeholders, current and future, the area should remain under the control of the Town of Victoria Park,” she said.

    “The Belmont Racecourse was originally under the control of the Victoria Park Roads Board, which was proclaimed in 1894, and there has been a clear historical connection between the Belmont Racecourse and the suburb of Victoria Park over the next 113 years.”

    Ms Ravlich said the planning strategies being adopted for the peninsula were based on connecting both sides of the freeway through the Belmont Park train station and it was essential that there was connectivity and integration with the developments across the Peninsula.

    “The Burswood Peninsula has always been under the control of a single local government authority and I agree with the board’s recommendation that this should not change,” she said.

    “The board assessed the proposal on the basis of future development in the area, working on the basis that the expected population will be approximately 8,000.

    “I believe this decision is in the best interests of all present and future stakeholders.”

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