Sue Ellery

Sue Ellery

Minister for Child Protection; Communities; Women's Interests; Seniors and Volunteering

    New booklet to help make seniors safer

    31/10/2007 11:41 AM

    Seniors are less likely to be the victims of crime than any other age group in Western Australia, and a new booklet launched today will help them become even safer.

    Seniors Minister Sue Ellery said the ‘Safety Advice for Seniors’ resource contained important advice for older people about how to improve their personal safety.

    “Growing older should be an active, positive time, however a fear of crime can stop some seniors from making the most out of life,” Ms Ellery said.

    “Research shows that the rate of burglary and violent crimes committed against people aged 65 years and over in WA is much lower than compared to other age groups.

    “This situation has been the same for many years, however some people believe that older people are disproportionately the targets of criminals.

    “Unfortunately, crime will always be with us. This resource will help assure seniors that there are many ways to take simple and sensible precautions in the home and when out and about.”

    The booklet contains information about:
    • safety in the home,
    • how to stay safe when out and about,
    • safe banking,
    • legal matters, and
    • how to prevent assault or abuse.
    It is the third edition of the booklet, which is published by the Office for Crime Prevention in consultation with WA Police, the Department for Communities, local governments and Roadwise.

    ‘Safety Advice for Seniors’ is available from local governments, the Department for Communities, seniors’ groups and crime prevention district offices.

    The Minister said she was pleased to launch the booklet this morning on behalf of Police and Community Safety Minister John Kobelke at the annual ‘Have-a-Go Day’, an annual WA BankWest Seniors Week event.

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