Ljiljanna Ravlich

Ljiljanna Ravlich

Minister for Local Government; Racing and Gaming; Multicultural Interests and Citizenship; Government Enterprises; Minister Assisting the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure; Goldfields-Esperance; Youth

    Minister welcomes Federal Labor's commitment on local government

    5/10/2007 12:00 AM

    The Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich
    Minister for Local Government

    Senator Kate Lundy
    Shadow Minister for Local Government


    Local Government Minister Ljiljanna Ravlich today welcomed Federal Labor’s support for Constitutional recognition of local government and their commitment to establish a Council of Australian Local Governments.

    Ljiljanna Ravlich met yesterday with Senator Kate Lundy, Federal Labor’s Shadow Minister for Local Government, to discuss arrangements for setting up the council.

    Ms Ravlich said that both she and Senator Lundy were keen to ensure that Western Australia’s interests were fully represented on the council. They agreed that early consultation on the details of the proposed arrangements provided an example of how co-operative federalism could be extended to local government.

    “The future of a prosperous WA is best served by co-operative federalism, with local, State and Federal Governments all working together to secure the best outcomes for all Australians,” Ms Ravlich said.

    “Constitutional recognition will strengthen local government’s role in working equally with the States and Federal Government to address the key issues facing the nation.

    “The major issues in our communities today can only be solved through collaborative partnerships between the three spheres of government.

    “John Howard has been an arch centraliser, seeking more power for Canberra and constantly bullying and threatening the States, in a coercive rather than co-operative federalist approach.”

    Ms Ravlich said the council would provide a forum in which local government could be involved in addressing issues of national importance.

    “The council will be charged with developing policy on areas of joint interest to the Federal, State and local spheres of Government, including consultation on matters to be discussed at COAG, advice on fiscal relations, the development of reform opportunities and the improvement of delivery of jointly provided services,” she said.

    Senator Lundy said that Constitutional recognition would redefine the relationship between Commonwealth, State and local governments and guarantee that communities had an effective local voice in decision-making on the issues that affected their lives.

    “I am looking forward to working with colleagues in State and local government to advance this important constitutional initiative,” she said.

    “Federal Labor has a long standing commitment to support the Constitutional recognition of local government.

    “Labor has tried twice before to secure constitutional recognition for local government - in 1974 and 1988. On both occasions, it was opposed by the Liberal Party - in 1988 John Howard led the campaign against constitutional recognition.

    “John Howard has done nothing to secure constitutional recognition or any other major initiatives to strengthen local government in 11 years of government.”

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