Francis Logan

Francis Logan

Minister for Energy; Resources; Industry and Enterprise

    Join the green generation

    21/10/2007 12:00 AM

    Energy Minister Francis Logan today launched a new Synergy product that will make green energy - electricity generated by renewable energy sources - more affordable for more people.

    The new product, EasyGreen, will be available immediately for Synergy customers.

    “EasyGreen enables customers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and help the environment by purchasing affordable amounts of accredited green energy in $10 blocks,” Mr Logan said.

    “For example, customers now have the opportunity to spend an extra $10 per bill on green energy, which is equivalent to 227kWh of accredited green power. $20 would allow them to buy a 455kWh block (see table).”

    For an average Perth home, a $10 EasyGreen commitment per bill is equivalent to leaving the family car in the garage for five months each year

    The Minister said customers could still choose Synergy’s NaturalPower product, which linked the purchase of green energy to customer’s electricity consumption.

    However, EasyGreen would allow customers to better manage their budgets because it provided a ‘fixed price’ green energy option.

    Synergy chairman Michael Smith said EasyGreen increased the green energy choices available for customers and provided the opportunity for more Western Australians to make a contribution to the environment.

    “Our product is not only good for the environment, but also for the budget of our consumers,” Mr Smith said.

    “All customers now have the power to make a difference.”

    Mr Smith said he expected the new product to drive increased sales of accredited renewable energy in WA, which would be an excellent outcome for the environment.

    “We know there is increasing pressure on energy retailers to support renewable energy alternatives,” he said.

    “While Synergy has had an accredited GreenPower product in the market for a number of years, it is clear we need to develop products which empower customers to increase the uptake of renewable energy.”

    “The Carpenter Government is working to ensure our strong economy is delivering better services for all Western Australians,” Mr Logan said.

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